Friday, August 31, 2007

lane spitting

please tell me you people on two wheels are not doing this.


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty stupid to me.

palegreenhorse said...

i do not. easy way to get run over in my opinion.

...okay i did it once. when traffic was completely stopped and i went like 5 mph and was between the HOV lane and the regular lanes which has more space between than normal lanes.... but only once and for only like 1.5 miles

Daniel said...

I occasionally end up doing something similar on my bike (yes the kind you have to pedal). It is usually when traffic is very slow. I think it really bothers the cars.

My commute went through an intersection that got rebuilt this summer... so traffic would stack up there... I'd move up the side and try to get behind a big vehicle (better drafting) prior to the green light. I think this disturbs drivers too.