Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lifetime Warranty

It looks like Chrysler (thats Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep) is now extending a lifetime warranty on the powertrain. Chryslers version of the powertrain is the Engine, Transmission, and drive system. the warranty is non transferable, and the catch is that you have to take your vehicle in every 5 years for a free inspection. you have 60 days from the anniversary of the your purchase date. this is on remaining 2007, and 2008 vehicles.

the catch is that most americans do not keep their vehicles that long. if you sell in the first 3 years, the vehicle warranty reverts to a 3 year / 36k mile warranty. its not to likely a dodge, jeep or chyrsler will be on my next vehicle list, but its nice to know what they have.


Daniel said...

fact is, most vehicles don't last that long either... due to salt, thieves, or accidents.

when our truck ran away from us, the agent said very few vehicles truly die a natural death.

Keith said...

aint that the truth..

last week when i was gone last week on vacation, one of my employees got rear ended on their drive home from work. on a section of freeway thats about 65mph they have a stop light. he came to a complete stop, but the car behind him didn't realize it was a light and ran into the back at pretty much full speed

he's got some head/neck injury
but is doing OK. his car on the other hand.. has the rear bumper right behind the drivers seat.

so your right, most cars don't wear out, they experience insurance related accelerated depreciation.