Wednesday, August 22, 2007


the loremo AG boasts a 20hp 2cyl diesel stuffed into a 1000lb car, that hopes to do 0-60 in 10sec (manufacturer says 20 sec) and top speed of 100mph. a full $13,000 gets you 157mpg. if this german monstrosity makes it to the states in 2009 i may just have to upgrade.

check out this where highschoolers added an ultra capacitor and a 1.9TDI engine to a kit car and with $15k got 0-60 in 4 seconds and 50mpg


forkev said...

nice find. I believe the ultra capacitors to be the next big thing.

Keith said...

as do i. i need to start reading up on them and see how they stack up against lion

in school the ultra capacitor was always compared to the 'flywheel', one that could spin VERY FAST, and store energy in rotating mass, so once the ultra cap catches on, watch for the flywheel, that will be next after the ultracap