Sunday, November 05, 2006

The measure of a nerd

So, we just watched a movie where things were a little different. People were running to payphones to make calls, the cars were old and the computers were big ugly boxes.

After the movie some people were asking how old it was (Leanna and Sarah). I recalled seeing some of the computers in the movie and said... well if 386's were hot then it had to be somewhere around 92. They picked up the box and.... 1992 I got it right based on the age of the computers. I am a very proud nerd today :).


k2h said...

I am impressed, but I think you have more luck than skill i this case (I still bow to your semi-bald superiority though..

according to this the 386 was around '87, and linus bought one in 1991 to play prince of persia on.

and this the 486 was alreayd out, and the pentium came out one year later ('93)

... on a slightly related note, remember our 'super computer' in the 95-96' erra. were were hoping for 10 gig HD, 1 gig ram. something around there. i sure wish we wrote that down so we could see how fast that was surpassed.

what movie were you watching? a real nerd would share that. it wasn't a chick-flic was it? like some three's company nock off where the computer was just a background piece? to be truly impressed, I must be given the name of the movie so I can verify the computer was actually a significant part of the movie. =)

Sarah said...

We were watching "The Distinguished Gentleman." Leanna and Peter hadn't seen it, so it was a good pick. The computers weren't integral to the movie, just shown in the office from time to time, but I think that makes Dan's nerdiness more obvious, actually.

Dan said...

My guess was based on the case design and the fact that Hollywood would have used new-ish computers, not the latest. The 386 was around for some time, but even in late '94 people were still buying more fully loaded 386's instead of 486's.