Tuesday, November 07, 2006


We ran out of a component to build at work, and it set us back 3 weeks in producion. I worked a solid 4 hours (where others had been working months) and found the part locally, and had it delivered the next day.

I increased capacity in the plant by 2.25 million dollars. and I have a shiny new $10 gift card to walmart to show for it.

talk about grattitude. I love this place.


forkev said...

awesome. I've had one bonus for $100. that was for working until about 1am on one of my days off. That actually ment something to me.

You should ask them ahead of time next time 'IF' i am able to do this, can I have a cut?; otherwise i'm just going home early.

k2h said...

I've eluded to as much and the response is "do you want a job" so I dont ask anymore. I like my job, I like most of the people I work with, and I own stock in the company, so in the long run I make a fraction of a cent off of me helping the company.

i'm mostly concerned about the long term affect on the company, and it is proving to me that a major shakeup will be required to get us through another 10 years of doing business.

Dan said...

My experience is that if not compensated / recognized, the best people leave or move on, and those who can't get anything better hang around. Definitely not good for the bottom line in the long run.

Some of the best and most innovative companies pay well and treat there employees well (think about Google).