Tuesday, October 31, 2006

dress up

I love this time of year. I saw 2 'almost naked' girls in walmart the other day. all under the pretense they had 'dressed up'.

today at work is the big dress up day. best so far is two of my friends that dressed up as these guys and look EXACTLY like them.


forkev said...

a few years ago at walmart we saw 3 employees. one was a girl dressed like a french maid, but not really the 'functional' maid as in the sense of 'i'm gonna clean your house', more like the porn version. Her butt was hanging out and two other employees kept following her around (yet dressed in less eye piercing costumes). I so wanted my camera. it was awesome.

The whole store looked like it was on crack, but in clean costumes.

palegreenhorse said...

that's awesome that your friends at work dressed up as mythbusters.

i didn't have any students dressed up but one tried to pull "its a holiday we shouldn't have class". i should come to class as albert einstein or marie curie next year.