Wednesday, November 29, 2006

interesting math side notes

always fun to actually read the news and other feeds on my home page.

Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs

and from the bbc
Ancient Moon Computer


Anonymous said...

the hot dog thing is just to wierd. makes you think everything is not really related to chance but part of huge math problem. so does environment have anything to do with our character or is it preordained by the math of our genes?

k2h said...

i'm trying to understand why the tosses x crosses crap works. i wonder if this would be a legitaimate test of a randomizer, so program a computer with a random function to do it, and if the result is very near pi, you know your randomizer is good or ideal.?

palegreenhorse said...

i briefly read through the proof of why tossing hot dogs works to approximate pi (actually the proof is about needles, but it can be extended to hot dogs). the proof can be found here. so it wouldn't be a good test of random number generator, looking at the proof. basically it comes down to the relationship of the spacing of the lines and the length of the tossing item.