Friday, September 02, 2005


I have taken the pic out just in case those invovled didn't find it as humerous as I did.

Jen and I are going with our friend mike this weekend to hike the 15-20 mile ridgeline of mt rose. it should be alot of fun, or pain ,we haven't decided which. its a 3 day event. camp 2 nights, backpack the rest. while looking through some pictures, we ran across kevs proposal.


k2h said...

we made it, barely. right around 20 miles. 3 days 2 nights. much of the time above 9000 feet. the last day we did MAJOR bush wacking do down very steep grades with terrible underbrush. we did find a cool 30ft waterfall though and just BARELY managed to find a trail out the last canyon. we got out at 3pm, totally dead. thankgoodness we had the cell phone to call for a ride.

forkev said...

what was my praposal?

k2h said...

it was a picture of you taking a picture of alodia on the can. remember when we went on the cruise, and we found that outhouse destroyed by the avalanch? it was a good pic, but I decided to take it down in the off chance those invovled didn't want that kind of thing on the 'net