Thursday, September 15, 2005

the weight of the world

I found this article on another blog regarding Hurricane Katrina victims.

Check out these other stories listed as well.

It's appalling how things can be...

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k2h said...

my mom lost me in the supermarket on multiple occasions, so I know its possible to to lose kids. In a circumstance like hurricane it may be hard to fault the parents.

if I were in that situation, and had a kid, you can bet all you've got I'd do every thing I could to find my kid. I wonder if stock went up for that company that has GPS/Cell phone wrist locater things for kids. it proves at the very least the kids need microchips like my cat so rescuiers know who's kid it is.

maybe they will really start barcoding forheads or something. I can definatly see the applications

that was all a bit off topic.... in regards to the article, I did find it very heart warming that a 6 year old would take care of so many. some adults wouldn't even do as much.