Monday, August 29, 2005

Would you have been a Nazi?

stumbled onto this quiz, fairly interesting.
i probably wouldn't have been a nazi but i wouldn't have joined the resistance either... apparently i would most likely have fled the country.


forkev said...

i'm pretty brainwash worthy, 50% OR SOMETHING. probably because i'm actively involved in an organized relegion. interesting.

k2h said...

The Foot Soldier
Achtung! You are 61% brainwashworthy, 13% antitolerant, and 57% blindly patriotic
You're not evil exactly, but you still would've joined the German army. Driven by STRONG patriotism and a willingness to do what your country asks, you would've thrown your moral reservations aside and stepped right up to the platz for the AXIS POWERS.

The sad fact is: while you're not self-centered, you are are an enthusiastic nationalist, malleable like so much half-dried glue, and ready to follow zee rules. Unfortunately, you're not cynical enough to tell when you're being manipulated. You probably have a violent itch that needs scratching anyhow, so why ask questions?

Conclusion: born and raised in Germany in the early 1930's, you would've supported the Nazis militarily while turning a blind eye to their 'civilian' programs.

forkev said...

the verbage was the same, and the % were close. thanks for posting the verbage

Sarah said...

The Everyday German
Achtung! You are 46% brainwashworthy, 13% antitolerant, and 33% blindly patriotic
Had you lived in Germany in the 1930s, you'd have probably just gone along with the flow. Men with guns are surrounding the house next door? The bagel place on the corner's gone? Hmm...whatever.

The data show you're a decent person who's willing to listen to what people of authority tell you. That's what most people are, and in most times and most places, that's ok. But not then; not there.

The sad conclusion: you would've missed your Jewish friends, but you would've done nothing about it. Seriously. But rest assured, you would've forgiven yourself eventually.

Sarah said...

Actually, I can't figure out how "the ideal person" would answer the quiz. I went back to try what I figured to be the "right" answers (most "tolerant", least brainwashy and patriotic), and I came out as Jen originally reported.

k2h said...

i bet it just spits out random answers. afterall it was probably blind luck for hte people that joined the resistance anyway.

so if you take it 15 times you may be part of the capacitance (stupid joke). who wants to try it?

Janell said...

I went through and put the top answer for all the questions and came out with 100% brainwash worthy, 68% antitolerant, and 100% blindly patriotic. = Hitler
Then I took it and put the bottom answer on all the questions and got 0% brainwashworthy, 40% antitolerant, and 4% blindly patriotic.....
One last time I put all bottom answers except for top on Religion and put only speak one language... 30% brainwashworthy, 40% antitolerant, and 4% blindly patriotic. Which leads to leaving the country...

Dan said...

If you had been German in the 30s, you would've left the country.

That's me, head somewhere else to do some fun stuff. Like Ecc. says... "be neither friends nor enemies of the king" Lot of wisdom in that statement.