Wednesday, September 28, 2005

geo coding

application: church outreach. if you want to mail a postcard invitation to the christmas service to all those around your emediate church (say, within .25 miles) then import the names from your quest cd (haven't done this yet) and map all addresses to a lat and long, choose your box, and run the query. seems to be fairly accurate when cross referenced with my research for my wedding invitation from a few years ago. maybe part of the tools have already been found!

for our mail certification software we're reviewing; to geocode addresses it costs us 1000$ a year. not too bad considering i saw our church member purchase about 400 addresses around our church for about $400.

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k2h said...

i'll give you 400 address for 400$. just give me a few minutes and a walk around the block. my first stop will be the largest appartment complex