Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Do Not Call

those of you that have cell phones may want to sign up your number on the do not call registry ( last night i got a "you have won!" call on my cell phone. i didn't realize the telemarketers were getting deprate enough to try cell phones now. they also tried the lab phone at work last week. the most annoying part of the call was that it was an automated message and you were supposed to call back a number for information. lame! if you are going to waste my time at least give me the opportunity to immediately waste yours.


mari said...

i thought it was illegal to telemarket cell phone numbers?!!!!

k2h said...

re: mari
I think it is illegal to telemarket cell phones, but these people were clearly engaging in illegal activity so I don't think a petty thing like 'no telemarkers to call call phones' type rule was going to stop them.