Thursday, June 23, 2005

Awesome storm

check out this site (you may have to create a log in) for info on the huge windstorm that hit us Tuesday night. It was awesome! It got eerily dark around 8:00pm, and then the wind came along, and blew everything around. Trees fell over, lost limbs, broke in half, etc. One that was split (two tops) broke off and landed up our little road. On the way to work Wednesday morning, we saw remains of trees that had fallen on the main roads, blocking them. Our power was off from 8 something until 4:00am.

Click here for pictures on the windstorm.

Makes me glad our landlord had 7 trees around our place cut down just a few weeks ago. I have no doubt that at least 2 of them would have landed on our house had they still been standing.


palegreenhorse said...

woah! kinda cool, kinda scarey. that is awesome that your landlord had just cut some trees! saves you a lot of grief.

k2h said...

thats some scary stuff. we got a windstorm like that a few years ago at christmas time. the area was declaired national disaster area and we got our damanage covered by insurance. several busted section of fence, a bent garage door, and a broken gate. I think we got around $1500 from the insruance company for the dmanage and since it was declaired national disaster area it didn't effect our rates

some people in our neighborhood lost trees, we were fortunate to have ours remain in the upright position.

did they declair national disaster for your area or was ther not enough damage done?

~ AH ~ said...

I don't think it was bad enough to declare national disaster.