Sunday, June 05, 2005


so kev, tell us how the house hunt is going! after the cruise we were pretty sure you guys were serious about getting into something with 4 walls and a roof that you can beat up and call your own (just don't spill oil on the ground or the EPA can take it from you).

I hope you find something good! give us the MLS links to your current options and the lot o' us on nerdy tales will help you decide!


~ AH ~ said...

I'm responding in place of Kevin. He's been sick, rotating between the couch, our bed, and the extra bed since Thursday night. Fever of 101+ and scratchy, tight throat, plus coughing and a little nausea. Very sad boy :(

House - we're looking. Had an appt to pre-qualify w/ lender on Friday, but w/ Kevin sick, only talked on phone. Looking between two lenders to be pre-approved. Didn't yet discuss what Real Estate agency to go through (will tonight though!). We've looked online at houses, driven past a few we liked. One we really liked and would have liked to look at is no longer for sale. (Take it off the i-net then people!)

Kevin checked out house for sale magazine the other day, marking ones he liked. We're still checking them out online. Would like to do more extensive looking when he's better.

So, in the next few weeks we hope to have real estate agent, pre-qualification, and be seriously looking for an awesome house! We'll be sure to keep you in the loop :)

palegreenhorse said...

that's a bummer that kev got sick. i hate being sick.

i'm glad to hear that house searching is progressing though!

k2h said...

i've been feeling kind of sick. not bad but just kind of. it must be that twin esp thing.

kev, send a little more my way and i'll help you get over it sooner!