Friday, July 01, 2005

do not call

DON"T CALL ME! some idiot sold my contact info and has now called with a voice recording for a cruise to the 'mexican riverira' if you get a call from 800-662-1366 dont' waste your time. I wish I had written the contact info down from the message but I deleted it. they have called AT WORK on a hard line, and ON MY COMPANY CELL PHONE. some info about the phone number on news site says they have been targeting cell phones in el PaSO, TX

a little more searching has turned up this website which may help me track down the return number that they said to call. i've gone through some of my scraps of paper, and i THINK the return number to call was 575-5596. i'm not sure if this was 888 or 800 prefix. maybe they'll call again.

these guys called the wrong person for a fri afternoon.

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