Tuesday, June 07, 2005

apple = intel

yesterday apple announced that they are switching to intel chips. yup that's right. check out the press release here and the commentary on cnet here.

pretty interesting. i think one of the most interesting things is the last part of the cnet article that says that some people will run windows on a mac, but os x and jaguar will always be run on a mac. seems like they are excluding some people that may concievably want to run a unix based os but don't want a mac.


k2h said...

they arn't excluding anyone from unix. there is always linux. the thing I don't understand is if they are moving to x86 platform, why not open the market to a commercial unix build (osx) to the wintel platform. seems like a nobrainer to me. apple=odd

palegreenhorse said...

that's what i meant. i know unix, linux are available. but to some extent a little unapproachable to morons like me, but usually the commercial software caters to the dummies like me. it seems they could have captured a lot of people by saying buy what you want and you can run a stable os on it by buying os x. i agree apple=odd.

forkev said...

pick out the geeky IT dudes who want to be contaversial about everything and what do they have? a mac.

i think apple is successful not because of it's steller product, it's because the consumer thinks they are buying an image: anything- but-microsoft ; and it comes in a candy wrapper that 'almost' works. i say almost after getting the luxury of training a new apple user on his new notebook and after 5 hours i knew more about it then he did and I was VERY frusterated. the ms port of Office XP to the mac is VERY different on the interface. at least to me. it's very sad when the new mac user installs his first program: microst emulator so he can install xp on this thing. why not buy a dell? hello?