Wednesday, February 09, 2005

year of the.....?

so today on Google, it had a special google symbol cause its chinesse new year or something. me and a coworker did 30 seconds of snooping and ran across this

it turns out 1977 was the year of the FIRE SNAKE. how cool is that? you can find out what year you are HERE


k2h said...

great. just great. I got my hororscope from the site, and check it out. there was a bunch of otherstuff, but I trimmed that off. this is really what concerns me.

There may be ailments related to the reproductive system and blood-related problems.

k2h said...

i'm an earth horse! that just rules!

Janell said...
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Janell said...

I'm an earth horse - It tells me that this is a good year to get married... wonder if they offer help in that area haha.

For work it says
You should do well if you are in show business or entertainment sector. Public relations and marketing are in your favor.

Maybe I should change what area of work I'm looking for - no - really I don't believe in horoscopes but do find it amusing that it says this year is a good one to get married.

Sarah said...

I'm a Metal Monkey! (This sounds good for my taekwondo.) Apparently "products for men" is a favorable business but I'm advised to "stay away from extra-marital relations." Good to know.