Tuesday, February 01, 2005

lcd screen 15"


The price just fell at icuepc to $169.00 and free shipping for the
CMV CT-520D 15" LCD w/Speakers & DVI_D and D-sub
500:1 contrast, 16ms response

I think i'll get one. we'll see what the innards look like.

This sale is over at 2/1/2005 1730pst.

I choose this display because the quality is ALMOST as good as the BenQ line - and a bit cheeper AND it has dual inputs (i'd need another 50$ to get a benq with that)
the innards are untested for wiriing issues for use in a projecter, but i'm about to find out. It's got excellent specs (although not always an indication of viewable quality, this company is definatly in te top 70%) and dual inputs. the inputs is what made my decicions. future compatible.

icuepc.com - 3 dead pixel return policy.
newegg.com - 8 dead pixel return policy (and many panels are only warentied throuh the manufacture - especially the more inexpensive panels)


Sarah said...

I've been looking at this one:

forkev said...

i'd choose that panel if i was actualy going to use this thing on my desk.
my intention is to take it all appart, put some lenses with the panel, a big huge light bulb (think grow cash crops) and a triplet lense like off of an overhead projector, and make my own large, watchable, 'wall' as i find my tv too small. 15" is the max i can get for 70$ of lenses. 200$ of lenese gets me 17-19" dispalys. i've not got that much money to put into this little adventure.

check out lumanlab.com forums for some pictures for what is possible with about 450$ total cost.

k2h said...

re: sarah
I think thats a nice one, good resolution, nice contrast ratio, BUT

I think the refresh time SUX.. from my very limited knowladge of LCD's, I think you'd be better suited with a 16ms LCD.