Friday, February 04, 2005

gmail invites off the chart
this place use to only have between 1-5 availble at a time. now it's up to about 49,000. I think i've sent it at least 75 in the past few days. gmail must have decided it wants to flood the market with invites.

GiveAndTake is another goup using more conventional methods of collection and distrobution.

in the day and age when people are selling and more selling invites, this is pretty cool.


k2h said...

dude, your MORE SELLING link was from may 2004. I think thats old news now and you can hardly use that as current info.

forkev said...

i didn't catch that.
maybe i should have said 'this was current at one point in time... like when hitler invaded dunkirk with his Panzar Divisions. hmmm. too much history channel for me.

k2h said...

i checked my gmail, and I have 50 (yes, FIFTY) invites available to give out. I use to have 6. I think this is a sign that gmail is about to GRADUATE from google labs and leave the beta stage.