Friday, September 14, 2007

Tiny Watcher

I was reading and it was talking about MS replacing about 10 files in windows XP and Vista even when you say NO to an update. kind of hackerish if you ask me. at any rate, they referenced Tiny Watcher, a program to watch changes to the registry. I'm not sure i have a need for it right now (machine is in bad shape) but on a new install, or when building a core load it might be nice to see exactly waht programs are doing what to the sacred registry.
The way Tiny Watcher works is pretty simple: basically, it starts by taking a snapshot of important parts of your Windows system; then it tracks changes(every time you log in, or whenever you want to). When a change is detected, you are notified.
For example, you will be notified if a program puts itself in the startup lists of your machine, or if files are modified/created in your Windows directory, etc.

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palegreenhorse said...

mmm i should've had a that a while ago... i'm sure things have changed since i rebuilt that i didn't intend to change