Monday, September 10, 2007

ALT sitecounter

so who posted the ALT site counter? anyone want to get that online for us?


forkev said...

it was I!!
i'll look into it. I've got some people that use it and it meets their needs.

forkev said...

alt counter now running (sitemeter) in counter section at bottom of right tool column (bottom right of page)

forkev said...

it correctly rings up my resolution:

Resolution : 2880 x 900
Color Depth : 32 bits

at least it's working!

Keith said...

well i must say, i'm partially impressed with your ability to implement the counter.

1) what happened to the location info box? (your IP is, your provider is...)

2) wheres this utility to say your configuration.. i didn't see that on nerdy, or on sitecounter

k2h said...

ok, ignore #1, seems firefox was just flaky for me

forkev said...

unless told otherwise, your browser makes availble to javascript system information. Some of that includes operating system, screen size, what not. MOst hit counters use javascript to post to their site to catalog, so they get a full http post and their payload from javascript, in this case browser, referal info, a unique session id established with the counter for that session to distinguish unique sessions, and flash versions, and unless you mess with the inner setting of firefox (i love the web devoper tool bar) firefox will identify the browser version for each http post.