Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Make a Baby Day!

Not really worth it (the having a kid part).



Keith said...

this story has it all! sex (15% success rate), cars (Russian made, I'm not sure if they count) and money (I forget, whats the rupel worth these days)!

one of my old employees at work recently went through a divorce and was looking at doing an import bride from russia (scam). the russians are having trouble procreating anywhere on this planet. I'm not so sure thats a bad thing. i don't mean that in a condescending way, instead i mean world overpopulation is going to be HUGE problem, and if the ruskies have space, maybe they can crank up the value of there land and resources since they are depleting it.

so dan.. is your kid going to be born on russias national holiday! =)

Keith said...

since they are NOT depleting their resources.. wow. its painful reading anything i write.... even for me.

forkev said...

after reading some stuff today about how china continues the brutality to keep the birth count low, it's clear you're not alone in your concern of overpopulation.

palegreenhorse said...

china worries me a lot too... they are quite brutal in the population control.

i can't believe i converted keith to believing population control is an issue =).

Keith said...

you wear the pants, i can admit that now.