Thursday, September 20, 2007

dumpster float

an attempt to get scrounging and $30 to go 50 miles.

from last picture:
After nearly 9 hours of paddling, we only covered about 15 miles. We ended up in Chesterfield, far short of our goal. Even so, it was a wonderfully enjoyable day, and we learned many lessons that will help us out in future years. Here's a sample:

1. Vinyl awnings alone will not keep you afloat if you strike too many rocks.
2. Low rivers don't flow very quickly. If you want to cover a lot of distance, go when the river is higher.
3. Lifejackets make excellent seat cushions.
4. $30 is more than enough to build a serviceable junkboat. It won't glide along like the fancy storebought canoes, but it will be great for a leisurely day of paddling. And fishermen and other canoeists will definitely take notice.
5. You can find some crazy stuff in the dumpster by the railroad tracks.
6. Duct tape isn't as waterproof as you might expect.

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k2h said...

not this year, but maybe next year we should do something like this for the T-Day activity (if kev's paintball guns are broken)