Saturday, May 05, 2007 spam

begin spam:

i'd usually not tote another 'click scam' - "hey you get money for searching!" site, but in 10 minutes of screwing around it gave alodia and I both $5 gift certificates to Amazon. coincidence? maybe. but if you're looking to screw around searching the web for a few minutes a day, why not have it give you something?

referall links if you want to signup under one of us (how many times have you heard THAT before).

search and win

:end spam


Keith said...

teh invite friends link you gave seem to be mildly broken. maybe i ddn't go far enough into the process. check em and see

forkev said...

aside from both links being the same (
i'll fix that), at the top of the destination page it says forkev invited you, click here to signup and APPEARS to be working, but hey, if it doesn't nothing lost.

k2h said...

ohh.. there was some stupid 'you won 10 points' notification at the top of the screen. you have to close that and then you see the invite. thats confusing

forkev said...

a week goes by. total of $10 is all it's spit out with about 6 minutes wasted per day to max out search points. move along, nothing worth coming back to.

forkev said...

ho ho ho
another $5 it spit out. cool. that ups it to $15, and the clicking only takes about 3 minutes a day. There is some fancy cookie transport stuff, so I can't just hammer a url... oh well.