Monday, May 21, 2007

USbank doesn't bank

I stopped on the way home today to fill up the bike and the pump denied my card. I figured I just put in the security check zip code wrong so I scanned it again. like a nice pump, it again prompted me for my zip and proceeded to appear to do something but alas..... "SEE CASHIER" is all the LCD would tell me. I had 50 miles left on the tank so I headed up to the next town to fill up. no surprise, the exact same sequence of events commenced there. so I filled up and then gave the cashier my card to swipe thinking it was just the mag strip or something. after 5 minutes or so (and alot of mashing on the keyboard) the guy gave the card back to me and said it was rejected. not completely giving up, I gave USbank (they underwrite my visa card i guess) a call and the automated computer system said it was having technical difficulties and I could would I like to speak to a normal person... "YES".. i yelled into the phone.

heres the best part. the guy said EXACTLY what the computer did. i'm sorry, our computers our down. I can't help you. when I asked when they would be back up, he said 9am tomorrow! wow... great

I logged onto USbank and it looks like these guys are in trouble. even their internet banking is down. my company does sell some triple redundancy equipment, maybe usbank should invest in just a little of it.

this guy seems to be having troubles as well.


Monkey and banana said...

same for me, could not pay for my phone. customer care says this is maintenance. really they at least got their servers down, and that's all of them which should not happen. maybe a drunk admin though.

forkev said...

it may be NSA splitting fiber. PBS had a great FRONTLINE 'Spying on the Home Front' segment discussing more intrusion into privacy in the US. Perhaps it's not really an outtage, but them working out the kinks to watch transactions.

Ironically I'm watching that last night, and a member from our church wants to put church member data on the public internet as a list of our professions, services we offer, and a 'get to know us'. I found the phone call ironically timed. If I've nothing to hid, do I flop it out there and let it get abused?

k2h said...

flop out nothing. restrict the data

i don't think it'd be inapropriate to list the types of preffessions represented in teh church (if people consented) but don't tie it to names.

just think of it from the crook standpoint. hmmm.... i would like to hold a doctor hostage... wait. better yet, a doctor from kasier or something. i really hate those guys... yeah... let me see...

ohhh..... heres one!

yeah.... don't post the data, not because you don't have anything to hide, but because you respect the privacy of others.

Daniel said...

Don't kid yourself... you no longer have private data, so help out the church.

On a different note, I know a guy who works TSA here in town and saw someone he recognized while working the baggage screening and the person didn't recognize him. So my friend started asking them questions about kids and cars and stuff, really messed with them for a few minutes until the realized they knew him. When they asked him how he knew things he just say "We have our ways..." Pretty entertaining to hear the stories.

Apparently people try to get guns and stuff on airplanes fairly often and then come up with excuses like "Oh... I forgot that was in my bag..." It's a mandatory $1k fine up to $5k if your obnoxious and they don't like you.

palegreenhorse said...

i really did forget last time i flew that i had a lighter in my bag. a while ago i had picked it up off the sidewalk outside my office and since it still had fluid i threw it in my bag as a just in case type of thing.

the tsa person was really nice. i tried to be nice too... when they couldn't find it right away when they opened the bag i said, 'you can just take everything out if you want. it's no problem.' just so she knew that i wouldn't get mad about her going through my stuff. because i'm sure they get all kinds of crap when they are just doing their jobs. she took the lighter, asked about my mp3 player (since it wasn't an ipod) and then let me go.

palegreenhorse said...

back to REI Visa
they earned back my respect and business. we will be receiving and official apology for the trouble, they assured us that the problem will not occur again, and refunded a small amount of money to us. they do in fact care that we were inconvenienced and did a good job in not trying to pretend that nothing was wrong. everyone i spoke to was most polite.

k2h said...

the 'small amount of money' turns out to be $5. it was enuf to satisfy me and not make me angry at them.

thanks usbank.

Keith said...

we've been linked to by these guys