Thursday, May 17, 2007

peel the onion; TOR

boingboing had an short post about TOR being intercepted in Washington (dc, I presume).
Very interesting readings here and here.


forkev said...

interesting AND inaccurate and fixed

k2h said...

i know no one has commented on your tor post so i have to post and let you know that yes, i read it.

Tor is on the right track. in the not so distant future online anonymity may be very important. give it 10-15 years and maybe they'll try to worm freedom of speech into it or something.

last i used TOR it was dirt slow and i'm still not totally sure how anonymous it is. i've been thinking more on how to really use this type of service and it really boils down to no matter what system or anon. proxy you use, SOMEONE (someone you may not want) can see what your doing. if that invovled checking bank accounts... then its the kind of thing that can make a normally sane person not so sane.

thanks for making my head hurt.