Thursday, March 29, 2007


have you guys seen Zillow? check out how they got their name:

Once they hatched their idea, they needed a name. "Zillow" evolved from the desire to make zillions of data points for homes accessible to everyone. But a home is about more than data - it is where you lay your head to rest at night, like a pillow. Thus, "Zillow" was born. They knew they had a winning name when employees began talking in Z-language and newly-minted words starting with "Z" popped up everywhere (e.g., Zestimate™, Zindex™).

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forkev said...

i was introduced to zillo a year ago (or something, i can't remember) - it's pretty cool. my friend that frequents it says the sales info is updated pretty quick and it usually takes them less then 2 months to report the sale of a house.