Monday, March 12, 2007


I am in the process of getting a new job. YAY.... I'm transfering back to where i use to work in engineering as an engineering lead (functional lead) which means I have all the responsibility of a boss, with none of the authority, as well as all of the requirements of a normal worker. its like two jobs rolled into one with none of the glory. heres the good part, I negotiated a pretty good raise out of it. so when you guys move around (you should change responsibilites every few years to maximize pay) always shoot high and get the raises you deserve


forkev said...

any possibility of porting this position to another state?

forkev said...

on a similar note, my department after 26 years is FINALLY being funded with real money. That means we get an equipment budget of about 40k for our ~180k of equipment. PRETTY SNAZZY! Now we can actually be within budget for once AND get to keep our frugal shopping savings for a rainy day.

this just go to show, keep asking dumb questions because someone may be listening the 3rd or 4th time you say it and action MAY HAPPEN.

Keith said...

na, not likely this will port to a new location. I did get a band change though, so that may make me eligible for some larger positions in sister comanies. I moved from profession to lead professional band of the three bands: professionional, lead, senior.