Friday, March 16, 2007

Web Browsers and Interesting Warnings

a while ago the speed of opera was touted somewhere on this blog. (i'd dig up the post but i have gotten tired of trying to use search this blog since it always returns nothing i want or nothing at all.) and so when i needed to be able to easily login to two different google accounts i thought of dl opera for the second account. then i can keep firefox logged in to my main google account and then log in to my other google account that is less often used on opera.

so today i went to use opera to access, which is the primary reason i have the second account and google rejects me. sigh... i guess it is back to ie as the second browser. but the rejection google had was interesting to read in the fine print.

oh ya... and anyone heard of/using mozilla seamonkey? i mean the name itself makes me want to use it.


Keith said...

i've never heard of seamonkey. how could something called seamonkey be more standard than OPERA?! the browser that runs on a everything from a phone to a mainframe. strange.

i like that they tell you how to get around it (did it work?) and intergalactic law.. nice.

palegreenhorse said...

nah... didn't try the work around... wasn't worth getting jailed on mars. actually it came down to i just want something to work quickly/reliably so the work around would be pointless esp. if it worked badly.