Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Giant Snail

"don't fill the bowl more than a few mm deep or your snail will drown." ends with "have fun with your snail"


palegreenhorse said...

i don't want a giant snail... i don't think the kitty would like it either.
but it is nice to know that if i ever encounter a giant snail i know where to find information on how to keep it as a pet.

overall i find the site interesting. i like all the informative sites that now seem to be on the web. it appears that the web is maturing into a decent source of information. there is still a lot of junk (and unreliable information such as this blog =) but at least there are some sites that seem to be reasonably reliable. like having a conversation with a billion people. a billion people can come to the wrong conclusion, but they do so less frequently if it is done right than just one person.

Rene DeVeau said...

That's that's that's kinda gross. . .Tell Kevin That I do infact plan on being a linguist.
I'm sending your pictures today!