Tuesday, March 06, 2007

FON upgrade to DD-WRT

I read an interesting tutorial.

It's a good thing I saw it coming and signed up for me FREE FON a few weeks ago.

A dissected La Fonera router can be modified to have an RS232 port. That looked like a bit of work.

and of course, after I finished, this reading, made a lot more sense and I wish I'd found it first.

remember: on some webpages, 1 and l look the same. not a good thing.

many thanks to the dd-wrt team for providing a modified compile for this .


Keith said...

i tried to setup an account on FON to get a free one if they are still doing that but there server says 'server error' when it tried to process to word verifiction. to bad too.. that looks like a really nice WIFI box.

forkev said...

dd-wrt is still in beta for it.
no ssh into it, so still playing with how to transfer files beyond just flashing it. it seems like a nice piece of hardware that is just begging for a radio controlled plane to sit in so it can send packetized video back.... hmmm.

forkev said...

yup, i'm an idiot. ssh is off by dealt, if I turn it on, it lets me in. now we're talking.