Saturday, July 15, 2006

open source movie

free to download, free to get the origional 'source' and edit.
made with free software (think blender)
check out Elephants Dream
it was interesting to connect to download 814mb through a torrent and find 65000 people in the swarm (over 6000 seeds). now, i've seen 6000 seeds before, but never more then 45000 people total in a swarm I've been in. cool.


k2h said...

I streamed the making of it from utube, and am downloading (torrent) the hidef version. looks like it should be a good film!

k2h said...

from the foley is fun journal entry on the project

Also starring in the finished movie: rough gravel, giant cardboard boxes, power staplers, plastic buckets filled with water, styrofoam cups, a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle, 7.5 miles of string, a singing woman,

k2h said...

film my butt. 10 minutes? I DL the 850meg file and my computer (P4-2.4ghz) couldn't keep up with the high bandwidth of the file (85 meg a minute bandwidth)

sure the pictures look great, but thats rediculous. the size was deceiving cause thats about the size of a decent xvid compression a real full length movie.

i was kind ticked, so I deleted it without watching. i feel like i've been had.