Wednesday, July 19, 2006

name that kid

name popularity


palegreenhorse said...

that is so much fun to play with!

k2h said...

kevin's a girl, kevins' a girl!! (in the 60's)

the trends in different starting letters is cool to compare.

look at emily (our first cat)... and THAT is why she got the name (popular name)

compare that to femto (the new cat)

forkev said...

our cats have old fashioned names
oscar peaked in popularity before 1900
and norman peaked in popularity before 1940

i hope they live a long time, unlike emily.

norman has been going out and startinng fights. i think he's like the neighborhood ganster cat - he vomited on the carpet this morning to prove to us he's still in control of our schedule, and made us late to work.

k2h said...

'neighborhood ganster cat' thats great. jen and i like that.

our kitty still thinks she's in controll, now that she has refound her 'outside legs' (she refused to go outside for MONTHS) but now occasionally goes out to 'do the loop' where she goes out her cat door to go straight to the back porch to Meowwwwwww through the screen door until you let her in, and then proceed to repeat the process.

she thinks it gets her food, and it does, so she's in control.

Job said...

That's a cool site. Thanks for sharing.