Friday, July 14, 2006

bridge troll

this is one funny snippet about boulder colorado. do you have $1?


k2h said...

I read the article to jen and she says 'that is so boulder'

hitting pedestrians kind of made me think of kev for some reason. i can't really explain it. maybe its the ghetto hat you always wear, or the dumpster coat, but I could really see you begging for money while hitting off duty police officers bikes with an old busted up golf club you probably found in the ditch at the adjacent putt putt golf course.

forkev said...

what makes me laugh the most about the situation is the dude had TWO golf clubs. one to throw (old and broken) and a second one to swing, presumable in better shape.

k2h said...

I think the article is unclear if there was 1 or two. if it had been just one club, then the article should you have read 'he hit the officer with the golf club' instead it says 'a' golf club.

at any rate. awesome find.