Tuesday, July 25, 2006

fuel economy

mpgbuddy.com describes a 1986 chevy sprint that is about 8th on their list of most fuel economical vehicles. Pending your acceptance of picking your toes out of your teeth if you get in a wreck, that might actually be a good investment - considering the cost of the car and the fuel for a year is usually what i pay a year for fuel alone in the subaru. Run it 2 years and also save the equivilent of what needs to be paid for the emessions and liscencing and your ahead of the game.


k2h said...

I'm thinking a good tow strap could be the best invention. when your stopped at a stop light quitly hook it to the car in front of you, and when you get to your turn pull the quick release. if you could find a semi on a long trip to tie on to they'd NEVER know you were back there.

forkev said...

so, i've been seeing these 4000w peak output generators at shucks for like $330 - and was wondering if it was strong enough to run my own version of an electric car. google came through converting horse power to watts (about 730 or whatever) and factoring into the equation that they always make up some fancy number for 'peak' wattage, i estimated this to be more realistically 3000 watts. so, 3000 watts is like 4.2 HP - which means that engine is probably a 5HP $70 briggs n stratton that should have been put on a lawn mower.

i'm seeing my dream of a homemade cheap electic car capable of more then 18 miles per hour fade. at least with my budget.