Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Recover data from a crashed hard drive by freezing it

I hadn't heard this before, but apparently you can eek a little more life out of a crashed drive by freezing it. I would have never thought to try this, but all the anecdotal evidence suggests it really works.

According to one of the comments:

The reason that this works, is that when a head crashes it gets off center and will hit the pin the harddrive. Freezing it compresses it, allowing it to gain a little room to move where it wouldn't before.


forkev said...

i've read this too. but i've yet to try it.

k2h said...

I usually just vibrate (shake) the drive/laptop when the machine is starting up to jar the head. it work some of the time and saves me the time of waiting for the freezer.

i'd be a little leary of trying this on a non broken drive. a quick random datasheet from maxtor shows min operating temp to be 5degC

Sarah said...

If the drive wasn't broken, why would getting data off be an issue?