Wednesday, May 17, 2006

how fast?

use SuperPI to calculate PI. its fun, and tells you how fast your computer is. mine did the 19 iterations to calculate pi to 1M digits in 1minute 4 seconds (intel 2.4ghz winXP). how fast are you guys running?


forkev said...

my pentium 4 3.4 ghz 1gb ram win xp with the usual 50 processes running finished in 51.563 seconds. I saw this phase change cooled machine do the 1 million in like 18 seconds running at 6ghz or whatever crazy ghz they got it to.

well, the link demonstrates i was mostly right. 7ghz and a little over 18 seconds. comes through again with links to increadably useless trivia

forkev said...

if i close half my tasks, then it's finished in 43.453 seconds.

forkev said...

a core duo review managed to get it in about 19 seconds overclocked. pretty impressive, after maxing out the overclocking potentials of the aopen motherboard and not needing to upgrade the STOCK aluminum head sink. wow. thtat's alot of process for only 31 watts of energy.