Tuesday, May 23, 2006

homemade toys

growing up, it seems upon reflection that the best toys were of the homebrew variety. Ok, dan's sumac shooting bbgun was good too, but i remember:

  • the rubberband pea shooters with close pins
  • shovels
  • ropes
  • nails
  • needle darts
  • bathrobe tie throws
  • parachutes
  • dirt-clod-in-a-bag throwies
  • potatoe cannons
  • air compressor darts made from range golf balls
  • aluminum can launchers using a blackcat firecracker
  • and rock at the end of a board catapults (going over the neighbors roof).

this remade bing bang bong game seems to fit the bill nicely.

additions by k2h
  • golf ball w/ a tennis racket over the back fence
  • gasoline bombs
  • lye / tinfoil pressure bombs
  • playing card houses
  • forts made with computer frames and old doors
  • shovels for underground additions to the fort
  • the old car battery for LIGHTS in the fort
  • tree house nailed directly to the tree
  • ball-tag
  • sling-shots, of the rope and leather patch variety
  • a few renditions of homemade cross bows
  • homeade throwing stars and spikes
  • the battle-axe (where is that anyway?)
  • kevs bike trailer for dumpster diving and trash days


k2h said...

I added a few fun things from childhood I remember to the list

forkev said...

battle ax is under my work bench. ya know, in case i might need to tear open the back of my hand again.

mari said...

well, making forts inside on rainy days with the couch and its pillows, bedsheets, and stapler...sheet to the ceiling kind of thing is good.

also, hanging out in the mulberry tree or apple tree pretending it is a fort, or ship or whatever...so you don't have to go inside and work...is pretty fun too.

k2h said...

i totally forgot about the sheet tents. we did that some. we'd completely 'fortify' a room. that was fun.

k2h said...

when did the bearing trampoline link get added to the post! I missed that some how. thats awesome.