Saturday, October 22, 2005


i was playing solitare set and had 15 cards on the "table" aka couch. odds are ~2500:1 that there is no set with that number of cards. i couldn't find one... can you?
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forkev said...

you've probably played about 2499 hands, so this was to be expected. i've found none, but i should load up my excell script and populate it with those cards to see if it finds anything i can't see.

k2h said...

dude, we are so looking forward to your script verifying we arn't stupid. what did it turn up?

Anonymous said...

There are at least 2 sets located among these cards. I believe that there are only 2 sets located among the cards based on elmination.

One will quickly note that all of the single cards are of the squigglie variety. And one will also quickly note that there is only one solid single and tripple. If the solid red tripple diamond is to be used with the single squigglie it would require the two card to be a hatched oval of the purple variety. One does not exist and there for the solid red tripple diamond card is useless...

The only other solid that can be used is the single green squigglie. Therefore this will be the center of attention.

I will let the remainder discover this cards use in making two virtually identical matches therefore there can be a since of accomplishment and self worth.

Here and there,
The little amigo.

palegreenhorse said...

thank you little amigo.
i can't believe! i missed those two. they practically jumped out at me this morning when i looked at it. bah!

Anonymous said...

Glad to be of assistance.

It is amazing what a step back and a new day can bring.

So, for those of you that are woundering what the third little amigo is doing these days.... let me fill you in and clear up any ghaustly rumors.

I David Helbley do will my.... oh wait that is for another posting.

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So, now that I have established the higherarchy of my working environment.... My official title is Project Engineer. I didn't know that until my buisness cards showed up. My primary responsibilities are to keep the field current with what they need to proceed in layout of sleeves and inserts. (Sleeves are sheet metal cylinders used to keep the concrete away from where a pipe will penetrate the concrete slab being poured. Inserts are what is know as bangers. These are used hang strut by providing a screw permanitly poured into the concrete.) Another primary responsibility is to go to coordination meetings every Wednesday and argue over who gets to run through that one inch of ceiling space.

The main portion of the hospital is has grids 1-20 north to south with 32 ft between each grid and B-M east to west with 24 ft between those grids. The garauge level (which is by far the lightest floor and easiest to coordinate) had almost 8000 sleeves and inserts.

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I think that might ward off the biggest of rumors. I am tired and going to bed.

the little amigo,