Sunday, August 24, 2008


[click to enlarge the awesomeness]

Femto finally figured out she can jump. she was running along the top of the fence one night when I called her in for the night. she was preoccupied with something and went over to investigate.

I got the camera and played with the manual focus and got a picture of our prehensile tail friend. it never did move, no matter how close I got. it just looked at me like i was an idiot for disturbing it. I'm generally not to scared of wild life, but this thing ranks right up there with a few bears i've seen. I felt like I was getting rabies just by looking at it.


forkev said...

that tail looks like worn out carpet. awesome.

Keith said...

that exactly what I thought. I may have even yelled at it that I thought it had a carpet tail and looked worse than a drowned rat. it was late, i forget.