Thursday, August 07, 2008


Thanks kev for the terrible time waster. my wrist hurts now. GemCraft is the first games in along time that has kept my interest for more than about 10 minutes.


forkev said...

crap. my save got deleted. I finished the game in a disappointing amount of time (I was really hoping for more depth) - and I think you got a few more tokens of accomplishment in your last screen. I'm hoping the second version of the game will be done soon and waste another week of evenings for me.

Keith said...

it was more than a week for me. did you get glowing frame on everything? thats what took the time for me. i finished the game awhile ago, it was the time to go back and finish everything.

the funny thing was, i made it almost halfway through the game before i learned you could spend points on skills. do things were getting pretty tough there until i learned about that.

forkev said...

yeah, glowing frame on everything. I realized you could replay levels, so I just went as fast as I could, and came back for glowing frame.