Sunday, January 27, 2008

Qtrax -free p2p music

anyone remember the gnutilla, morepheus, or try this one, napster? they all have this little bit of stomach acid associated with them. you have to throw up a little when your forced to ponder the ethical problems associated with ripping of other peoples hard work. theres a reason some artists are starving they are ugly they care more about art than money. at any rate, prepare to hold your stomach acid in when at 12pm tonight (estern standard) a new name gets added to the famous list of has beens and tried tos. meet qtrax which promises to be all that, and so much more.


forkev said...

part of legal disclaimer:

LTDnetwork Inc is not responsible for any content such as audio, video, text or any other file owned by users of the Qtrax/Qtraxmax software. Qtrax/Qtraxmax software, its privacy and security features are exposed to various security issues, and should be regarded as unsecured. Therefore by using the Qtrax/Qtraxmax software you may be subject to various risks, including the exposure of information and material you have downloaded or have offered to share.

k2h said...

gizmodo posted that its a complete sham. to bad.

k2h said...

one of the gizmodo posts recommended spiralfrog