Friday, January 25, 2008

Fix Your Own Problem

so for the past year i have been disturbed that my periodic table i print out for the g chem tests is hard to read because the print is small and the font is thin. so then i thought hey i can fix this, i can make my own periodic table. then i thought if i am going to make a table i'm going to make a good one. one i can resize, control, make beautiful.

so i eventually figured out enough in latex to build my periodic table dynamically. so if i decide to change a font size i just change one thing. if they update the weights i can write it to my array and rebuild my file. its not perfect but bigger and better than my old one. here is my updated version below. you can download the file, it looks better downloaded.

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k2h said...

thats a prety funky viewer. how do I DL it? i can't find the button in stupid macromedias flash crap thinggy.