Friday, October 12, 2007

T-Day '07

So jen and I are making the treck north to Idaho this year. we got the tickets this morning. we'll be leaving monday night around 5pm jen can give specifics on what time we get in up there. all this was prompted because southwest DING came on and we saved a few dollars. not alot, but a few. tickets were purchased before I submitted my vacation request (did that this morning) and before we asked the guys up north how much time they are allocating to T-Day. so..... regardless of if the hosting house will be there for tue and wed, we'll be there =)


Daniel said...

bring clothes for hiking, biking, and snow shoeing (maybe up around Stanley)... if you're up for it we'll head up somewhere and explore.

Keith said...

i'll bring what i can, but i don't have any where near what i would usually have as i'm basically living out of suit case waiting for the house to sell, so i'll have a pair of shoes, some jeans and maybe a coat.

Daniel said...

That's fine, Sarah can loan you a skirt or something.