Tuesday, October 02, 2007

goodlookin' beater

The car is on its ninth timing belt, ninth water pump, and fourth clutch. But the engine and transmission are original, as are the floor mats.


k2h said...

i dunno.. i find this on a little much. averaging 200 miles per day, that means he changes his oil pretty much as often as I fill up with fuel in the tdi golf. maybe true, maybe......

900,000 / 2500 = 360 oil changes *$20 = $7,200 in oil changes alone

compared to mine
160,000 / 10,000 = 14 oil changes * $30 = $420

sure, the car may die before his, but maybe it wont. i'm sure his timing belt and other stuff is much cheaper to work on for the civic than the TDI. i'll give him that much.

k2h said...

one more thing.. do you really think shocks of any kind will last 1 million miles?