Saturday, October 20, 2007


summary of today's sermon: don't give in to lust. But expand your sexual dimensions with your spouse.

In a sermon I:
1. don't think I've ever heard the word sex used so many times,
2. heard so many political or christian leaders names mentioned (all for being caught in bad sexual situations), and
3. heard the word masturbation mentioned from the pulpit (twice, as the statement had to be repeated for effect!)


k2h said...

our service today was very good, we had a 60+ person choir plus a full orchestra from the local baptist college, cal baptist university.

our sermon was a repeat of all the parables that you have ever heard of letting jesus take control. it was good, but not any where near as good as the choir, or as your service by the sounds of it.

did england make it into your sermon?

Anonymous said...

The Cal Baptist group was quite good, its been a long time since i have heard live music like that.