Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sunshine on a stick.

We were at bible study last night and mike the concrete guy was talking about his 'sunshine on a stick'. I thought that was quite a nifty name. it was the name of his self contained light poles so they can do midnight poors of concrete and still see what in the world they are doing.

a web search revealed sunshine on a stick was a health comercial by some lemmon looking thing, and that is what they dubbed frozen make it yourself fruit popsicles. I'm sure I was around in 83, but for the life of me, I can't remember Timer or his sunshine on a stick


forkev said...

better then crap on a stick, like i found in my yard from some big dog. i want to get a picture of a dog with an x through it and say 'no dumping'.

palegreenhorse said...

well we found some crap on a stick in our yard when we first moved in. hey crap on a stick happens. i do like the sign idea though. i really could've used that when the lady kept walking her dog in our yard.
maybe your yard won't be the resting place for seemingly a billion baseballs though. we still find those when we pick up leaves.

k2h said...

you should just put out a sign "this is not a dirt farm"

that is what the locals in minden call the sewer plant.