Thursday, July 28, 2005

the beginning of the end

during a recent windows update at work, i noticed it was trying to figure out if i had a pirated copy of windows. so, the rumers two months ago WERE true: MS is chopping off support for bootleged copies of XP. this can only enlarge their black eye: yet more boxes will be security risks. who thought this up?


k2h said...

I read that it is looking for a bootleg version and if it finds it it will offer you a chance to register it for a reduced fee AFTER you provide a valid license.

yeah.. you read that right, sounds pretty messed up.

forkev said...

that order your discovered is par for the course. it's microsoft!

palegreenhorse said...

microsoft will let you buy a discounted copy of windows if you can prove you bought a copy you thought was real but was really pirated. i guess people selling windows in a lot of places are selling pirated copies.

i updated my computer last week and had it verify my copy, wasn't too bad. i think windows does have a right to try to protect its software and updates. i may not like it and may think they charge too much for their sofware, but bottom of the line is they made it. not me. i don't have a right to it. don't want to bother with it? then use linux or another open source os.