Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Better Blue

those of you who are worried about getting a new storage technology that will let you back up your entire hard drive , worry no longer. blu-ray is just a slightly better implementation of dvd that will hold back progress a couple of years, it isn't actually cutting edge at all. after the market has played with that they will start marketing 3-d holographic storage. C&E News ran a very interesting article in the june 27, 2005 issue on data storage in 3-d. it isn't that far off. in fact they are already talking about taking over the tape market for long term backup storage stuff. and with these specs, backing up a hard drive looks like it will become possible again.

from inphase (spin off of bell labs)
200 GB per square inch
first generation avail. 2006: 300 GB disk
target 2009: 1.6 TB disk
transfer rate of 27 MB/s demonstrated (initially first generation for sale at 20 MB/s plan on achieving 120 MB/s for the 1.6 TB disk)

from aprilis
200 GB disk available
200 MB/s data transfer
already shown to record & retrieve at 1 Gbit/s

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k2h said...

nice! we are getting closer to the isolinear chips of startrek!