Wednesday, March 02, 2005

yahoo free 2.5oz icream scoop
for march 2 2005 only, and requires yahoo account.


Sarah said...

And here I was going to cement my domination of the blog by posting on this... :) It's cheap date nite for the Lewises!

palegreenhorse said...

yay! free ice cream... actually i was heading over to nerdy tales to post on this. =)

palegreenhorse said...

i got mocha almond fudge. what did everyone else get?

forkev said...

the dark chocoloate with receses peices (the 2.5 oz scooop amounted to about one half of a receices peice)
alodia decided we should get the cake cones but then figured out after the fact she really wanted the sugar one.
alodia go almond rocha mucha or something girly. she said she liked that flavor in 7th grade.
i called the 31 flavors place to ensure they had not had 300 people show up yet, and by 5:45pm the guy said he'd had about 21 people so far. alodia said we should have hit other stores.

~ AH ~ said...

I got Jamoca Almond Fudge, and it was not as good as I remembered it... should have gotten sherbet or brownie something.

I could print the coupon multiple times, so should have hit all 5-6 stores in town. Would have been fun, plus then could have either gotten lots of different kinds or one big bowl of the same. And then I could have felt really sick for only eating ice cream.